Tips to consider before selling

A list price that accurately reflects the current market’s price and buyer’s tolerance is the single most important thing a homeowner and his dedicated Real Estate Professional can agree upon in order to produce a timely and successful sale!

Choosing a Real Estate Sales Professional is an equally important decision and should not be predicated on suggestive sales price to “appease” the seller in hopes to obtain a listing.

Selecting a Real Estate Professional should be based on how well versed that Agent is your geographical area as well as the Agent’s ability to support a suggested list price by utilizing recent and accurate market comparison data as well as provide you with a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to fit your overall sales expectations.

New Listings receive the most interest and attention during the first few days of its showcasing. Real Estate Agents will “size up” the home and determine if value is present and if indeed the price is reflective of the home’s location, features and access to the buyer’s amenity needs.

Often homes are listed too high initially and receive very little in terms of buyers interest, which then leads to systematic reductions in the seller’s asking price and sends a negative signal to those seeking to buy in the area about that particular home. It is often associated with the question “What’s wrong with that house?”

Salespeople don’t spend as much time analyzing reductions, as they do in looking at new listings.

The longer a house is on the market – the more people think there is something fundamentally wrong with it – even if there isn’t, it is human nature. In many instances, a seller receives less money for his/her house than if he/she established an accurate list price from day one. Homeowner’s can avoid the anxiety and frustration brought on from a home being on the market by simply watching what the current market is doing.